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3x3 Dynamic Multiframe Template

Functionality Overview

Automatic reposition and resize

Frames center and scale to fill in the available space in the best way. Functions like the "cover" option in CSS.

Composition Viewer
works in all composition sizes (here HD)
Source Footage
works with different input footage sizes
layering of the template
coded dependencies
"Cover" behaviour from CSS in After Effects

Parent a footage layer to a Shape layer rectangle and add the following expresssion on the position and scale attribute


-- CODE language-js -- [parent.content("Rectangle: 1").size[0]/2,parent.content("Rectangle: 1").size[1]/2]


-- CODE language-js -- pRectX= parent.sourceRectAtTime(time,true).width; pRectY= parent.sourceRectAtTime(time,true).height; lRectX= thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime(time,true).width; lRectY= thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime(time,true).height; aR= thisLayer.width/thisLayer.height; if(pRectX/pRectY>=aR) { [pRectX/lRectX,pRectX/lRectX]*100 } else { [pRectY/lRectY,pRectY/lRectY]*100 }